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The JuxtaFlow® Renal Assist Device (RAD)

Roivios is developing a breakthrough treatment for cardiac-surgery-associated acute kidney injury (CSA-AKI) with the world’s first renal assist device (RAD).

The JuxtaFlow Renal Assist Device (RAD) transmits a mild, targeted negative pressure designed to enable optimal kidney function in times of renal stress and prevent CSA-AKI.

Caution – Investigational Device, Limited by United States Law to Investigational Use Only. Not available for sale in the United States.

It is our mission to prove that the JuxtaFlow Renal Assist Device (RAD) provides an important bridge to recovery and, ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

The JuxtaFlow Renal Assist Device (RAD) System

Juxtaflow Renal Assist Device in Hand

The JuxtaFlow catheter

The JuxtaFlow pump

How the JuxtaFlow Renal Assist Device (RAD) System Works

Introduce Negative Pressure

The JuxtaFlow System delivers targeted negative pressure to the renal collecting system.

  • The JuxtaFlow catheters are inserted by a trained urologist similar to ureteral stent placement.
  • The catheters connect to the JuxtaFlow pump to deliver mild, targeted negative pressure.
Enhance Pressure Balance

The negative pressure is designed to enhance the filtration gradient.

  • The negative pressure is designed to transmit throughout the nephrons, reducing downstream hydrostatic pressure.
  • Controlled pressure reduction allows for effective filtration and selective reabsorption.
Optimize Kidney Function

The goal is to optimize renal function in the recovery period.

  • The JuxtaFlow System enhances filtration and reabsorption, mitigating the effects of kidney stressors.

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